Mint Neapolitan Round Ripple Progress

Some progress has been made since the last picture! The blanket is currently about 39″ from point to point. 18 point round ripple. I think I’ll be adding 5 more rounds then the border round, bringing the blanket up to around 45″ across. I have until the 24th at the latest to get this finished, tails weaved, washed, blocked, and up to Paradise Animal Rescue for their annual Fundraiser event and auction.  (If you scroll down on their home page you can see the information for the Fundraiser).

What you can’t see in the picture is off to the left, trying to drag the skein away, was my Pixie kitty! I swear she’s trying to figure out how to crochet…

4 thoughts on “Mint Neapolitan Round Ripple Progress

  1. great work!!! i love those “round ripple afghans”.. show us pics of your kitty. I am a all around lover of animals. ahh kittys and yarn now there is a combo LOL 🙂 Happy V-Day!!!

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