Beyond The Square – Crochet Motif

Of course I had to try out some of the motif patterns from the book I got yesterday, Beyond the Square Crochet Motifs.

I mean…could you have resisted? Really? Be honest!

My first pick from the book was motif #127 –


After that I flipped through the pages and #101 caught my eye. So lacy looking –


The third one I chose caught my eye every time I flipped past it so I had to try it. I’ll warn you if you decide to try it, it is very funky looking until you get to the final round and get the corners in place. Motif #121-


Looking forward to trying out more!

4 thoughts on “Beyond The Square – Crochet Motif

  1. I TOLD you, this book is addictive! πŸ™‚ Don’t you want to link up your beautiful motifs in our gallery over at my blog? Can’t wait to see more!

    Have a great week-end πŸ™‚

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