Paradise Rescue – Mint Neapolitan Ripple

The Mint Neapolitan Round Ripple is finished and delivered!

It is an 18 point round ripple using Red Heart Super Saver. I modified the 12 point pattern I’ve used in my other round ripples.


It ruffled a little bit but not too badly in my opinion. Final dimension was 42″ across at the valleys and 45″ at the points.

The blanket will be up for auction tonight at Paradise Animal Rescue‘s Warm Paws Gala. I’m not sure if it will be part of the silent auctions or the live auction, but I hope it helps bring in some much needed money for the Rescue.

7 thoughts on “Paradise Rescue – Mint Neapolitan Ripple

  1. Wow! I love everything you’ve done with this, the added points, the addition of the green, the incorporation of a variegated yarn. Just some general awesomeness going on with this project.

    Lovely — just lovely.

  2. WOW!! that is a stunner!! Lucky blessed person that wins it.. Yes please post link for pattern of 18 point. I have only done a 6 point and that was a “kit”. I have some stash that would look perfect for that. Hope your auction is a Huge Sucess!!! 🙂

    • The 18 point is just a modified version of the 12 point that I linked in the post. I added a row between her 2nd and 3rd rows where I did 2 dc in same st, 1 dc in next st, repeat around to get my increases in the round. I think this made 36 stitches around to work with, and then I followed her pattern again. When you get to the rounds in her pattern where the points start to be defined, you should end up with 18 points instead of 12.

      The main thing to watch for with adding the extra points is that it has more of a tendency to ruffle, so I had to check how it was laying every round or two so that I would know whether or not to make the next round an increase round or not.

      I’d recommend trying out Lyn’s 12 point pattern that’s linked in the post before trying the modified version of it. Her pattern is very well written and absolutely gorgeous when done.

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