Just a Quick Post

It’s that time again… work is going crazy and I’m back to working 7 days a week. At this moment it’s still just 8 hrs a day, but I expect to be back on 10-12 hrs a day fairly soon.  It looks like we’ll be working a lot of overtime for the next three months.


What that means is I might not have the time and/or energy to crochet and update my blog as often, but don’t worry, I’m not disappearing! I’ll still try to post when I do have time!


On another note: My Mom is finally able to post pictures on her blog, so she is updating again. Please take a moment to check out Fiber Shenanigans!  I’m sure you’ll love her blog.



Pixie says “Rawr, come back soon!”


3 thoughts on “Just a Quick Post

  1. I JUST put 2 and 2 together!!! I love your mom she 101% Rocks my world!!! Found her by accident just like I found you 🙂 Sorry to hear ’bout all that work time,don’t get burnt out. I will be here,never fear.

  2. Love my pixie grandkitty. I am a little concerned about the cord coming out of her butt though…

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