Motif #41 Blanket Progress

I love motifs! Quick and easy, and a great project to work on during limited amounts of time.

Motif #41 is definitely one of my favorites so far.

I started out with this first motif:


I liked it so I added another. Then yet another:


Of course I couldn’t stop there! The last you saw my progress, the WIP looked like this:


I’ve made more progress over the past couple nights:


Doesn’t it look fun?! I can’t wait to see where the colors lead me!

8 thoughts on “Motif #41 Blanket Progress

    • On the final round of the motif in progress, at the top of the “petal” is a ch-2. I ch-1, pull up a long loop, take the hook out and insert it through the ch-2 from a finished motif then pick up my loop again and do the second ch to finish the ch-2.

  1. Love to crochet and those motifs are so cute. I just added you to my Google reader so I can follow your posts there.

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