The Lonely Square

The Lonely Square. That’s what I’m calling this poor little guy:


The Lonely Square is a leftover from my solid granny pillow project (still a WIP at this time):



So The Lonely Square has been sitting there alone, not quite part of the group, whispering to me “what about me?” Today when browsing the blogs that I read, I saw something on Cherry Heart’s blog that inspired me. Hers is fabric, but it still triggered that “of course!!” moment.

The Lonely Square is not that lonely any more. Want to see?


What it will become, I don’t yet know. But I love how springy the colors look! (and it wasn’t planned that way!)


3 thoughts on “The Lonely Square

  1. Wow! That is so very cool.. Love how you pulled it together. The colors and everything. You are a Crochet Artist in your own right…

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