Star in a Circle

First, this is not my pattern. The pattern and tutorial can be found at the blog Colour in a Simple Life. Her tutorial is very easy to follow and I LOVE how it looks!

Second, I did not do the full pattern here as the first few rounds were perfect for a super secret project that will be in the works.

Now…picture time! This is what the first part looks like. Interesting huh?


Then the next round:


Finally, this is where I stopped with mine. Which makes exactly what I was looking for!


Now I just need to search my yarn stash for the colors I need for the project…

Thank you to Karen at Colour in a Simple Life for this pattern!


10 thoughts on “Star in a Circle

    • I may have to post some sneak peaks every so often. We have about a little over 2 months to get this secret project finished.

  1. I’ve been searching for an afghan pattern for my six year old nephew…. I think this is it!! He loves yellow and I will make my stars yellow….. thanks so much for the inspiration! Can’t wait to see what you do with yours. Hope you feel better soon!! (Barb from fiber meetings…. : ) )

  2. I love love Love THIS! So much so that I have begun to make my own….however, as usual 🙂 (TEHE!) I have gotten lost! I completed my 5 points and closed off but am a little confused on not catching my treble crochet into my chain 7 and how to work into the back loops….can you offer a few points of clarification? Thank you both for sharing!


    • Anonymous,
      I can’t do it right now as I’m at work but I plan to try to make up a tutorial showing back loop and not catching the chain sometime soon. Hope it’ll help!

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