My First Cushion Cover

This morning I woke up and thought “it’s been awhile since I’ve crocheted, I have the day off, my hands feel decent…I need to crochet.”

First things first though, I had to do some organizing of the stash.
It’s still a WIP so to speak, but don’t you just love all those totes!?!

I even had a little helper…


Anyway…I looked at my squares again and thought, I really really need to make this cushion cover. Last month I posted that I was still working on my granny pillow project… Well, it’s finally finished! I started by picking out my 9 squares. Whipstitched them together. Added a border around the now 9×9 square. Then using a tutorial from Cherry Heart, I added a back onto the cushion cover.

Want to see? Here is the front:


Love all those colors!

And of course the back couldn’t be outdone:


I need to add the buttons still on the back and probably a border to cover the join between front and back. But I’m pretty happy with my very first cushion cover project!


4 thoughts on “My First Cushion Cover

  1. Your cushion cover looks very nice – love all the colors together. I also love your yarn stash – it’s so pretty with the colorful baskets. 🙂

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