Craft Crop

Today was a fun day. Mom and I went to a Craft Crop fundraiser at the cancer center here in town. If you’ve ever been to a Scrap Crop, then you know the basic idea. Bring your stuff, grab a table, and get to work on your craft.

And if you are lucky, make some new friends and chat up a storm!

This was my workspace. Bet you didn’t guess that I was crocheting…well if you are a regular reader of my blog then you probably did guess!


And this was Mom’s workspace:

(this was before she really got going on her project and really spread out…)

I took my spiral granny and added a few more rounds but my solid granny squares were speaking to me today. They said to me, “Crochetbug’s blanket is inspiring. Play with US!”.

Each ‘square’ will have a solid granny as the center. But then where it goes from there is a surprise!


The pictures above are what I have done so far. The square with the triangles is still in progress of having the edges straightened out before it gets attached.

They had several raffles, auctions, and a decorate a bra contest. Here was my entry, titled “Catch the ‘pests’ early and keep your roses blooming”.



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