Eye For Fiber – Canvas Painting

Last month at our monthly Eye For Fiber meeting, we did a neat painting project. A round-robin canvas painting project that involved acrylic paints (and some fabric paints), large canvas chunks, and a lot of laughter.

Deb from the group has all the photos of during the process and will post them on the Eye For Fiber blog once she has them organized (lots and lots of photos to go through!) but I thought I’d show the finished product here:

This is the one that I came home with:


This is the one Mom ended up with:


And these are the rest:








3 thoughts on “Eye For Fiber – Canvas Painting

  1. They all turned out so great, didn’t they? I love the one I took home. I’m still working on getting some photos ready for the EFF blog, I confess I’ve neglected them in favor of a glass deadline this week end – I’ll get back on them next week!

  2. I stole your idea and mine is now in 4 pieces.They look very different cut up…We’ll see what happens from this point. Right now their just hanging around waiting for inspiration.

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