Dorset Buttons

This month at our craft meeting, we made Dorset buttons. Me being me…I did a little research beforehand, picked up supplies…and set to work on figuring them out.

This was my first button, using 1 strand of perle cotton:


My second button I used a 6-strand embroidery thread in a pretty metallic mix:


While waiting for my Mom at the restaurant where we meet up for dinner before our craft group, I worked on this one, using 2 strands of perle cotton, a variegated green and a variegated yellow:


And finally, the one I did at the meeting, using 1 strand perle cotton in a pretty variegated blue:


Intriguing aren’t they? I will say that they are time consuming and if you have trouble with your hands hurting, don’t try these (working with a 1 inch ring and thin yarn/thread = cramped hands).

The directions I followed can be found at Craft Stylish.


4 thoughts on “Dorset Buttons

  1. I’ve made a couple since the meeting and I still have to repeat: up on the left, down on the right…LOL. They’re kinda addicting. Seems like everytime I sit, one appears in my hand. The ones I’ve made with the perle cotton are much neater, but the “spa” goes faster.

  2. I’m still working to finish my first one (OK, I’m working harder at vacationing ;o) but they were fun and I’m very impressed with all the pretty ones you’ve made. Button on!

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