Masa Bag

I finally gave in and decided to check out Pinterest. Yes, I caved! While I saw a ton of duplicate ‘pins’, I did manage to get some great ideas for around the house. Plus started a board for pinning crochet-related items (I tried to double check that each pin I made did link back to a source).

One of the pins was for a Masa Bag, which when my best friend J.D-P. saw the bag she said “My birthday is next month. I would love that bag. Hint hint.”  We laughed, she said what colors, and I decided to find the pattern when I got home. While the name on the pin was different, when I followed the link all the way back to the source (it linked to one blog, which had gotten it from another blog, which … etc. you get the point). Finally though, I came to Artemis Adornments and her Masa Bag. And the directions. The super easy, yet confusing for a moment on the folding, directions.

Make a rectangle. Fold it. Sew. Add handle. Done. That’s the basics of it. She does go into more detail, but the basics are right there. But when you look at the picture…it looks MUCH more complicated than that!

Don’t you just love when you can do something simple, and make it look complicated, so that other people are like “O M G! I love it! How hard was it??”

Check it out! And I’ll do a post here on my blog when I start working on J.D-P.’s bag.  I’m going to start a test one now (she needs to pick up the yarn in the colors she wants) so I can figure out what adjustments I need to make to get the bag to her required purse size.   You know, the size of one of those carry-on luggage bags…..  (Sorry, J.D-P., couldn’t resist teasing!).

4 thoughts on “Masa Bag

  1. Good thing you work so much OT. The yarn for JD-P’s bag is gonna cost a bundle! (Love you – mean it JD-P!!!! Mom2) I can’t wait to see how this goes together. Is it lined? How about a closure? Hmm many ????’s.

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