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When my hubby and I bought our house, we knew it was going to need some work to a)fix the things that were wrong and b)change/update things to our taste and more modern times. Our house was built around 1968, it’s a nice ranch that’s perfect for us.


Our list keeps growing, but we have knocked a few items off the list in the 2 1/2 years since we moved in. The main bathroom is no longer wallpapered, although it still needs to be painted (has that plasticy wallboard) until we have the money to completely remodel it. The basement is painted and the ductwork is now covered with some nice white vinyl instead of sagging, funky paneling. The backyard now has a few less apple trees (we thought we were getting a home with 6-7 apple trees…not 50+ apple trees, pear trees, and a cherry tree). The guest bedroom is no longer an icky peach/salmon/dead flesh color and is now a pretty ocean blue with some decorations. The other spare room is now the computer cave and is done in a pewter gray with bronze outlet plates.


The biggest item on our list for getting done as soon as we could afford it though, was taking down the old, outdated, crumbling front porch and re-doing the landscaping. Putting in low-maintenance greenery and stamped concrete.

This is what the front looked like before:


Yesterday, my hubby took down the porch awning and railings, ripped out the steps (which turned out to be rotted through), and busted up the concrete slab and bricks:

When we started this morning, it looked pretty much the same as the above picture:


J’s dad came over with his truck and helped pull out the shrubs/bushes in the front (except for the Japanese maple under the living room window. I made many threats of the damage I would do if they ripped that out…).

See the green tractor there in the bottom left corner? That’s what I got to use to drag these big bushes to the back yard! Of course once there, I still had to manually drag them into the woods to wait for the next bonfire night. (Hubby makes fun of me when I’m driving the tractor, says I have a grin on my face and I must be competing in the Front Yard 500).


After a very hard day’s work, with still many more days of work ahead of us, our house looks MUCH bigger now, and much much better, even with not being finished.

The front entry is going to get re-framed and we will be replacing the storm door with a full screen so that the front door can be seen. We also have to replace the eaves where the metal awning damaged and rotted the wood. We will most likely paint a different color than white when we get to that point.

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  1. It’s great to keep plugging away at it. We’ve finally got some of the big things done like the furnance and all the water piping. Little by little we keep hammering away at it.

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