10 Years Ago…

10 years ago today, I picked up and rejected a couple outfit choices, fought with my hair, put on the bare minimum of makeup, and headed out the door.

I was heading down to the mall to go to a place called Gamestop to meet with a guy I had met on match.com. We planned to meet just for a drink.

Sitting at the bar, I looked around, watching for my date to show up (I was a little early). He came in and I thought “ok first good sign, he looks like his picture”.

He joined me at the bar and we had a drink (ice tea, soda) and talked. And talked. Then we walked around the mall and talked some more.

Things were going well so we went to dinner. That went well, so we walked and talked some more.

Then he asked me to go to a movie at the theater in the mall.

6 hours after we met for just a drink to see if there was any connection, he walked me to my car.

10 years later…we are still together. I met the love of my life that night. Happy “day we met” Anniversary to my Hubby.


4 thoughts on “10 Years Ago…

  1. I can’t believe it’s been 10 years already. I’m so happy you added him to our family. I knew he was a keeper when he could recite lines from Death Race 2000!

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