Another Uninvited Guest

I don’t recall if I shared with my readers about us having an issue with uninvited animal guests showing up IN our home. First, We own our own private apple orchard, which we inherited with the house. 50 apple trees, pear trees, cherry tree. None of which was maintained in the 20 years or so before we bought the house. The fruit attracts…friends.

We’ve had quite a few mice drop in to say hi, and depending on if they hit the trap, met the cats, or we managed to catch them, their parting was either swift and painless, rough and painful, or involved a trip to an open field miles away.

We also had this little guy sneak in one day:


We patched holes, we replaced insulation, etc. Still had the occasional mouse show up.

When we took off the front porch, we found this:


Finally! We found their access point! It is now blocked off until the guys come to do the new steps and patio.

So…we should be good…right?


We came home from dinner about an hour ago. I stepped into the bathroom, turned on the light, and:


A bat! In the bathroom! Took about an hour but it has safely been coaxed out a window and back into the great outdoors.

Now, how in the hell did it get in? That’s the question we need to answer now.

2 thoughts on “Another Uninvited Guest

  1. Oh my! My grandparents used to get bats in the house through their attic and they can sneek in through an open door in the evening as you exit or enter your home. My grandfather used to catch them with two badminton racquets. Good luck with the uninvited visitors. Heather

  2. I really admire your attitude. Friends make me batty! No pun really intended, lol! I lived in downtown Baltimore once while completing a degree. I was never so happy when I got to leave that area. Good luck!

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