I Hit a Brick Wall

The other night I was working on my newest round ripple and I ran out of the green I was using. And I decided I did not like the shade of the next color that I had chosen.

At a lose, as it was too late to head to the store to buy more yarn, I went down into the Wife Cave and started digging around. While I did not miraculously find yarn for the round ripple, I did find the skeins of Loops and Threads Impeccable yarn that I bought a long time ago for another project. One that has been brewing in my head for months and months.

Brewing, stirring up ideas, tossing ideas out with the used filter, brewing more. Then that night…as I gazed at the yarn, BAM! It hit me like a brick wall. I knew exactly how I wanted to achieve the look of this particular blanket.

Yarn and hook in hand, I started crocheting, measuring, frogging, measuring… The pattern is now set in my mind.


It will be, a brick wall-ghan! The bricks are pretty much the size of a real brick. I used our fireplace as a gauge and inspiration. 11 rectangles and 4 half rectangles done so far. Haven’t sat down to figure how many are needed yet though.

Edit to add: rough estimate is – 112 full rectangles and 16 half rectangles needed to make the ghan roughly 5’x5′.


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