Designing, Ideas, and…Frogs?

Thanks to some wonderful news from a very good friend of mine, I get to start working on something that I’ve waited a long time to make. BUT…I cannot find a pattern anywhere for what I want to make!


So that means…I get to try my hand again at designing!  I wish I could elaborate more, but the news is not fully out yet, so I cannot.


I will, however, share bits and pieces as the days go on and I figure out my design!  Hints: it will be yellow. And a bit of orange. And it will be a blanket.


So, where do the frogs come into play, you ask? Well if you’ve ever tried your hand at designing, you know there is a lotta frogging going on too!


2 thoughts on “Designing, Ideas, and…Frogs?

  1. Question that has nothing to do with your post – did you change the font on this blog or is my computer being stupid again?
    BTW – Happy dance here for the news!

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