I Will Be Going To…

Guess what I’m doing either Friday or Saturday THIS week??


I’m flying out to Malaysia for two weeks. Yes, Malaysia. For two weeks. The other side of the world, for 14 days!


Why, you ask? For work! The project I am on is being moved to Malaysia so I will be heading there this weekend, either Friday or Saturday once they get the tickets booked. Yep…last minute stuff, a long story but we’ll just leave it as… I was not the person that was supposed to be going. And all that changed on Thursday last week when the person going… no longer works with us.  I’ll be in charge of training the team over there on how to build everything (almost) associated with the project.


I should have access to my blog while I’m over there, and of course I’m taking yarn and hooks with me. But I’m not fully sure what the hours will be while I’m there, whether it’ll be 8 hr, 10 hr, or 12 hr days, so who knows how much time I’ll actually have for crochet.  I’m also taking my Kindle and my camera, but I don’t plan on wandering around a lot checking things out, as it’s not exactly that safe to wander over there.  Mostly I’ll be at the hotel or at work training people.


I’m a little nervous about having to train a possibly good sized group of people and possibly having a language barrier (as in accents, mine and theirs. English is becoming one of the more common languages there), but I get to fly business class, which from what I’ve seen is really nice. The hotel has really good ratings, and everything is located in a nice city.


The worst part is going to be being away from my husband and family for two weeks.




5 thoughts on “I Will Be Going To…

  1. She’s in Malasyia safe and sound after a couple of long flights. The bad part is that she’s gonna be nekkid if they don’t find her luggage! It’s somewhere between LA & her hotel.
    The Mom….

  2. Have a fabulous time!! We will miss you on Wednesday. I do hope they have found your luggage. Although, you could return with a cool Malaysian wardrobe if they haven’t! Enjoy your new surroundings. Take photos so we can see…..

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