Safe, Sound, and Sweating

Malaysia is hot! Really really hot. Thankfully the hotel room has air conditioning and so do the offices at the workplace.


My luggage is lost somewhere between Los Angeles and here… that is if it even made it onto the plane to begin with in Detroit. Luckily for me, I planned somewhat decently and had several shirts rolled up and in my carry-on bag. Along with some yarn, my camera (thank god), and a couple books. My phones, laptop, and kindle were safe in the laptop bag which was also carried on.  The lost luggage has clothes, some crackers, and unfortunately more yarn.


I will not have much time to post on the blog as they do not have free internet at the hotel. During the work week I will only be purchasing 1 hr of internet time in the evenings (morning back in the States) and will be trying to use that to communicate with family.  But on the weekend when I have 3 full days off, I may  purchase a 24 hr block on one day.  Then we will see.


The hotel is beautiful. They are located on a golf course, have a koi pond, reflection path/garden, and 4 restaurants. I have taken a few photos so far of the view from my room and will try to get pictures taken of the garden and pond later.


Hope all is well back in the States!