She’s Having A…

GIRL! Or maybe a BOY!


That’s right…My best friend had her first ultrasound today and the baby did not want to show off if ‘she’ is a she, or a he. GRRRRR.  But we do know that there is only one baby in there!  I still don’t know if I can start crocheting PINK, or BLUE stuff though. I’m hoping PINK, but I’ll still be happy with BLUE as the most important thing is that both J.D.P. and baby are healthy and stay healthy.


In other news…someone else informed us that she is also pregnant! I cannot say who it is yet, as she has not told everyone (No, it’s not me). But I have crocheting for her to look forward to as well. Hm. That’s a lot of baby crocheting going on.


That makes 4 women that I personally know that are pregnant. Two due in April, two due around July if calculations are correct.


Is there something in the air??


One thought on “She’s Having A…

  1. I’ve decided that she’s having a girl and that’s all there is to it! If she has a boy he’s gonna have dresses and get a pink quilt anyway!!!! I’m sure Nana T wants a girl too! Soooo JDP – we have decided – say it with me: “Girl, Girl, Girl”! xoxo (a boy would be acceptable if that’s the best she can do…)

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