Baby Squares

I was browsing through my favorite blogs list over there on the right (pointing my finger to the right as I type that…). And on Colour in a Simple Life, I saw her post titled Just Because and saw the precious little squares she made. And I thought to myself “Self, you need squares for a blanket. She has squares for a blanket, and she nicely provided a pattern for them”. After I thought that, I then thought “you need to make those squares”.

So I did! They are super easy and look so cute! But definitely girly. Even in those dreaded ‘boy’ colors.




The middle picture, the last round is actually purple but it’s hard to tell.

After making up a few…dozen…I then thought about the solid granny squares I had been making. So I pulled one out of the tote and placed it with the new squares:


Perfect fit size-wise!

What do you think, still too girly of a square even in boy colors?


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