Spiral Blanket, New Design Attempt, and more

Since there are at least two babies on the way between friends and family, I decided I needed to learn some new patterns. Such as the Four Color Spiral Blanket found on Smooth Fox Crochet and Knit blog.

Honestly, I was worried this would be beyond my abilities. I’m definitely not a beginner, I’d even consider myself fairly experienced, but looking at the end result of the spiral blanket my brain said “this is beyond you”. Of course I had to ignore my brain for being so mean to me. And I tried the pattern.


Wow! How easy! Seriously, it is easy. The hardest part is keeping four skeins from getting tangled up too badly.

So after that test search above, I gathered up some neutral colors that I like and started on a blanket:


Bernat Satin yarn in: camel, sable, mocha, and foliage.

Today I turned my attention over to a design that has been turning over in my mind for a couple days now. I drew a picture of it, made notes on what I thought the stitches would need to be, then grabbed a couple colors and started to put it together:


What do you think of it? I’m going to tinker a bit with the wording and take a few in progress pictures then I’ll put a pattern up for it.

Edit to add: and the “and more” part of my post title?

JDP is having a GIRL!!!