Beautiful Blogger Blanket 2013

Have you seen the Beautiful Blogger Blanket posts going around? If not, here is the link to the blog hosting this event!  Stocki ran an event in 2012 and had a great turnout so she is doing it again for 2013. She has a list of the rules on her blog post, but to sum it up here:

  • use 100% DK cotton,
  • any colors you want,
  • any crochet square pattern you want (including own designs), include the source,
  • you can submit up to 4 squares (you earn 1 entry per square),
  • size can range between 5x5cm and 20x20cm (which appears to be approx 1.9inx1.9in smallest up to 7.9inx7.9in largest),
  • sew in all ends,
  • and the deadline to mail them to her is January 31st, 2013.  Include address (in case you win) and blog address (if you have one).

Pretty simple! And allows for a lot of imagination between colors and patterns.

The prize?? If you win, you win the blanket that is made from all the squares submitted by all the participants, who are from all over the world! Isn’t that wonderful!

Take a spin by Stocki’s blog and check out last year’s blanket made with the squares from people all over the world.

(I also added a link to her blog to my blogroll on the right).


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