Crazy Quilt Blocks 3-4

Block #3 has been pieced together:


And I started some embroidery on it last night. Some (most) of the embroidery stitches are new to me so bear with me as I learn them:


A close up of the butterfly which I outlined in gold thread:


That brings us to block #4 which I just finished sewing together. My hubby likes this one the best so far. He says it is modern looking (I think it’s because he’s a big fan of the color gray). I apologize for some of the sections not showing properly. The two areas that look blinding white are actually faintly patterned with gray:


Want to see all 4 together?


I think right now I’m addicted to making the blocks. Hopefully I can get the love for the embroidery part as well once I get more into that.


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