Dancing With Angels

On New Year’s Day, my Grandma lost her 5 year battle with stage 4 kidney cancer. Today we gathered with family and friends to say our goodbyes to Grandma and share memories with friends and family.  My Grandma was one of the strongest, kindest women you could ever know. She left a good impression on anyone she met.  Her and Grandpa shared 63 years together.

63 years. In this day and age, it’s rare to hear of a marriage lasting that long. But they had more than just a marriage, they had a friendship, a partnership, and a love that, even to the last day, was a strong beautiful aura around them.

One of my cousins made a comment on Facebook about how Grandma is now dancing with the angels, and that one phrase triggered something in me, and I wrote a poem in Grandma’s memory. I would like to share it with you now.

Dancing With Angels

Clouds rise up to tickle your toes,

You glide across Heaven’s floor.

Your hands reach out, you gather close,

The ones we lost before.

Silver tipped wings surround you,

The music begins.

Smiling, laughing, you join in,

Dancing with the Angels.

While you dance with wisps of clouds around you,

We remember your love,

We celebrate your strength,

And peace fills our hearts.

For we know that the Angels held out a hand,

Said your time has come,

Rise up to Heaven to be with us,

It’s your time to Dance with the Angels.

Written in memory of Shirley Swain 5/7/1935 – 1/1/2013

We love you and will miss you Grandma.


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