A Crazy Quilt Square for Mom

Even though we recently lost Grandma, my Mom is still busy with family, helping take care of Grandpa, so she doesn’t have much time for sitting at her sewing machine and playing around. She asked if I would make her a neutral colored crazy quilt square that she could take along with her to places to do hand embroidery on.

My first reaction was “neutral?!?? Mom doesn’t DO neutral”. But she reassured me that yes, she really meant to say Neutral.

If you know my Mom…you would be shocked too. She is all about the bright and fun colors. But she explained it to me with a few words “I have a ton of bright embroidery threads.”

Ah hah! A neutral background with lots of bright and colorful embroidery!

Mom’s neutral crazy quilt square:


Of course I had to make one for myself as well! While Mom’s is a 12″ square, mine is only a 6″ to match the size of my other squares:


It will be interesting to see the differences in how we embroider our squares.



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