Oceans of Blue -Crazy Quilt Blocks

The other night I decided I really wanted to do an ocean scene in embroidery. All I was lacking was: the quilt square and the embroidery patterns. I did some searching online and found some embroidery that I like and that triggered some other ideas for future squares.

So tonight I wandered down to my chilly Wife Cave and pulled out all my blue fabrics. After selecting a few, cutting my square of muslin, and cutting out some strips and squares of fabric, I started my sewing.

Oceans of Blue:


It is deliberately darker at the bottom and lighter at top because that’s how the ocean is. I plan to embroider coral and some fishies all over it.

Since I had a lot of small scrap pieces left over, I decided to do another blue square:


Amazing how similar, yet how different they are!

The second one will probably end up not getting embroidered. We will see.

What do you think?


(edit: ever notice a mistake only after taking a picture and posting it…even if you’ve looked over your project, held it in your hands, turning it this way and that, many many times?? sigh)


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