Oceans of Blue – Embroidery

Monday night I caught the new episodes of Bones (my fav show) and worked on some embroidery on one of the blue squares.

I added some seaweed (based off a stitch diagram found online):



Then my favorite part, so far, some jellies! Aka jellyfish:


I think I’ll add more jellies. Also a seahorse if I can make it turn out right. More seaweed. And an oyster if I can figure out how I want it to look. Oh and a starfish. And…and…I better stop. It’s only a 6″ square!



One thought on “Oceans of Blue – Embroidery

  1. Loving your adorable seaweed and jelly fish! I planned to NEVER hand stitch if possible. But those cute little embellishments are adorable. I might just have to give that a try. Thanks for the inspiration!

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