Radiant Red – Crazy Square and Pattern

Last night’s venture into the Wife Cave led me to the stack of red fabrics on the table.


Lovely, bright reds. I think red is becoming one of my favorite colors lately.

I had a rough design in my head for how i wanted this square to look. As you’ll see, this one is more symmetrical than my previous squares. I showed my Mom via text once the square was done and she immediately started asking for the pattern! As I didn’t have a pattern for it, it was another one I winged together, I had to think of how to make it.


Does the pattern design make sense? I hope I have the numbering correct. Oh and this was made as a 6″ square but it should work well as a larger square also.

This is the square that prompted the pattern design:


Some slight differences as the square was made first and I didn’t measure or agonize over proper placement.

I hope you enjoy the pattern if you try it!


Edit: I will be turning the pattern into a PDF as soon as I can get assistance from my hubby on it. I will post the PDF in its own post once it is ready.

3 thoughts on “Radiant Red – Crazy Square and Pattern

  1. This one is fantastic!! I see a heart AND a rose…. don’t know if that was the intention… but it was a nice way to end a bad day. : ) Thanks for sharing some beauty that you created!

  2. I didn’t see the rose until Barb mentioned it, but if you do 1-12 in your favorite rose color and the rest in your favorite background color, it’d be a beautiful rose – perfect for Mothers Day. The heart is perfect for valentines day. Love this pattern.

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