Radiant…Rose? Crazy Square

Using the same pattern I shared in my last post but changing up the color scheme based on a few of my readers comments, I made this square this morning:


Side by side with the previous square, Radiant Red, you can see the similarity and the difference. Once again I “winged” it (i didn’t cut out the pattern and fit each piece to size) but still followed the pattern and followed the numbering for each step.


As you can see, I also didn’t mimic the colors from side to side. I may try that with the next one.

3 thoughts on “Radiant…Rose? Crazy Square

  1. I like that the rose isn’t ‘spelled out’ in the square. I also love how the same pattern can be two very different things with little more than just a change in color swatches. I’ve never had a need to quilt before, but now I’m starting to be curious…

  2. Dear jereldrood -Be careful before you know it you’ll be haunting fabric stores, buying all sorts of thread, collecting many many pairs of scissors, tossing down your credit card for a fancy (or not so fancy) new sewing machine, and hoarding fabric, then all of a sudden you blink your eyes and you’re a quilter. Little Orphan Skein may be leading you to the fabric lined dark side… I tried for years to get her to enjoy sitting at the machine, then suddenly it happened. LOL. I think her recently departed gramma had something to do with it.

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