Sunday Sewing – Crazy Squares

Sunday I spent a couple hours in the Wife Cave playing…err, working with my sewing machine and fabric. In addition to the square shown in my last post, I also finished two more squares. One used a little bit of this amazing fabric I picked up last week:


Isn’t that gorgeous??

I didnt use a whole lot in this square, just as accent, as I wanted the Christmas theme to showcase more:


Then since the last three squares were a little darker in colors, I decided to do another fun bright one:


8 thoughts on “Sunday Sewing – Crazy Squares

  1. That fabric is fabulous! It just screams to be used with some hand-dyed fabrics…….
    Love your blocks. This is so much fun. And inspirational. : )

  2. I love how you use the various patterns. Many of them I wouldn’t think to use together but the way you use them is a beautiful thing.

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