I’m Seeing Spots – Crazy Square

I’m seeing dots and spots all over the place!

Awhile ago, my Mom gave me a big bag of fabric scraps. At the time, I didn’t have a whole lot of ideas for seeing projects and the bag was put in the Wife Cave, waiting for inspiration to strike.



That’s. Lot of scraps! And looking into the bag last night, inspiration smacked me in the face. I saw spots. I saw dots. And when it all cleared up:


I think it will pair nicely with my two other fun print squares:


Not a bad collection so far, although an odd mix of squares. I know I have at least 3-4 different wall hangings that I could make out of these squares:



3 thoughts on “I’m Seeing Spots – Crazy Square

  1. I love the variety! From this photo, it looks like you have done more stitching on the block with your vase of flowers. It looks lovely!

  2. I love the dots – big surprise huh? When I look at the bag of scraps I immediately went down memory lane. I see parts of Andys Quilt, Mom’s chemo jackets, many wall hanging parts, the red/white and white/red dots that were intended to be my new kitchen curtains but became dresses for Ruby & Ella’s dolls (much better choice anyway), baby quilts, brother blankets, the “hands” cancer quilt, Dad’s tractor quilt and lots more. The little bag of scraps tells a huge story. Now they can tell your story too. XOXO

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