Crazy Squares #17 & 18

Tonight I managed to get some sewing done again. The past couple weeks I haven’t done much at all when it comes to crafting. I have a crochet gift about half done. But that’s about it.

Tonight though, some progress on the crazy square front!

A few weeks ago I was standing at the fabric table, staring down at the various fabrics. My hubby was getting ready to head back up the stairs. I called out “pick some colors”.

He looked through the railings of the stairway at the fabrics and colors. Then says “black. Gray. Purple.” and continues up the stairs. So I pulled the three stacks of those colors to me and picked through to get some fabrics. Then I set it aside. If you read my last post, you know what happened. Needless to say, I didn’t feel like doing much after that.

But, tonight it clicked again!

I think it goes nicely with another ‘gray’ themed square and gives me an idea for a wallhanging.


Don’t those look nice together?
Since the light fabrics in the one square do not show up well at a distance, I took a closer picture.


Since I was on a roll, I decided to work on the 4th square for another wallhanging. This one is bright and hopefully fun!


Want a closer look at those cute bees??


And here it is with its companion squares:


Doesn’t that look bright, cheery, and fun?

3 thoughts on “Crazy Squares #17 & 18

  1. Love them! Glad to see you’re back at the machine. I find that sewing is very comforting and calming to me. That’s how I ended up with 65 shower favors! Next time I’ll keep track as I go along. Grandma is smiling on you. She’d be so happy to see what you’re accomplishing lately. I miss them so much…

  2. Love them both. That bee fabric is wonderfully fun. I love it. So glad you’re back. I’m so sorry for all you’ve gone through recently. Can’t wait to see these in person at our next meeting! Keep on sewing…. it’s inspiring! I’m heading down to the studio now!!

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