More Crazy Squares

Today was another successful sewing day. I managed to get the third and fourth squares done for the gray-tone wallhanging-to-be.
The hardest part was deciding on the colors to use for the “pop” in each square.

Number three ended up with blue. I was asked recently again (off the blog) about how I decide on my squares. So while working on this next square, I took some pictures along the way.

First step my mind takes is, which colors and fabrics. So I start picking through and grab what I think I want and toss them in a pile:


Next I start cutting out strips, about 2″ wide, and toss them haphazardly in a pile:

This gives me a better idea of whether or not I like the colors together and what I need to add or take away.

Then I start the sewing process. Adding bits here and there. It looks messy once all the pieces are attached but not trimmed up yet.


Then I trim it up and do my round of stitching around the four sides to give myself an idea of where any embroidery has to stay inside.


Tada! Gray-tone with a pop of blue!

I still needed a 4th square and honestly it was a very tough decision picking that last color. Did I want yellow? Too bright. Did I want orange? Still too bright for the overall theme.

So then my eyes fell onto the stack of greens.

YES! Green it is!


Oh, do you want to see all 4 together now? Hm. Sure I can do that!


What do you think?


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