The Cursed Crazy Square

So that square that gave me trouble yesterday that I finally tossed…err…set aside?


I picked it up tonight and was determined to finish it. And this cursed square was determined to give me MORE trouble! For some reason, when I added the next piece on, my thread didn’t quite follow along with the needle. The second attempt, the top thread just lay across the fabric while the bobbin thread did some funny thing. I took the bobbin out, scowled at it, then set everything back up again.

Now normally when I do my crazy squares I really wing it. Just grab the next piece I think looks good and add it in. For unknown reason, this time I had to plan out three steps ahead before I could progress in order for it to turn out.

The end result:


A square that is currently one of my favorites for how it turned out! I wasn’t sure how I’d like the colors together but I really like this one.
I think it will pair nicely with this one I did back in January:



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