Suggestions Please?

Yes, I am looking for suggestions. I bought some bright and fun yarns to make a baby blanket for a soon-to-be boy (I know a ton of pregnant women right now) and I’m not sure what type of blanket I want to make.

A round ripple? Maybe. How about a giant granny? That’s a possibility.

What about something with squares? That’s where I’m leaning but…which squares!

First, a picture of the yarn:


Blue, red, purple, and a variegated that has all three colors plus green.

So, what I’m looking for is squares around 8″ x 8″. There are a ton of squares in books, magazines, and online. But I can’t make up my mind for the perfect squares for a baby boy.

What are your favorite squares? Any suggestions?


4 thoughts on “Suggestions Please?

  1. My main concern when crocheting a baby blanket is to make it with a pattern that does not have “holes” in which a baby could get their fingers caught in.
    Mary Lou

  2. I’ve been working with granny squares lately and I find myself going back to the classic square, soo, I have a few odd ones out there. They’re really pretty and someday I’ll put them together in a hodge-podge granny square blanket.
    I don’t know if you use ravelry but it’s a great place to find patterns. You might want to search “squares” because they aren’t all called grannies

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