Wife Cave (craft room) Makeover

A couple years ago we turned part of the finished side of the basement into my craft room, otherwise known as the Wife Cave.



At that time, I was mostly a crocheter with a little bit of scrapbooking thrown in. Mostly crochet though.

If you’ve followed my blog for awhile, then you know the last few months I’ve been dabbling more into sewing. And still crocheting of course. So the Wife Cave needed a makeover to be better suited for sewing. Cabinets moved, tables moved. My old oak desk brought downstairs to be used as sewing table. A cutting table purchased.

I’m still not done, but here is the progress so far:




And my new cutting table, which I’ll admit was the cause of a lot of cussing. The instructions…sucked. To put it nicely.


And of course, I had to fit in the super comfy chair for those times when I need to sit back and think, or crochet, or read. Or…as I’m doing right now, cuddling with a kitty while blogging from my phone.


I need to get some totes to pack up the scrapbooking stuff and put it away somewhere as I don’t need constant access to it. Plus I want to get rid of all the cardboard boxes laying around.

What do you think of the makeover so far?


6 thoughts on “Wife Cave (craft room) Makeover

  1. I like it! The first two photos look a little too sparse, the next set look much better! I like the cutting table, I have one too. When it starts to get a little wobbly just crawl under it with a wrench and tighten it all up – to death!

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