Inherited Fabrics

My Grandma (the one that recently passed) was very talented when it came to knitting, sewing, and growing flowers (among a lot of other talents). She could grow just about any flower you could think of. Her lilacs were absolutely gorgeous.

She also carried her love of flowers over into her fabric choices. Lots of florals in many shades and styles. As my Mom and I are really the only ones that shared a crafting love with Grandma, we inherited her crafting stash. Last week my Mom dropped off three boxes of fabric that are now mine.

The above photo shows only one box worth of fabric. Lovely florals and a few others. Want a closer look?




I’ll save the other boxes for another post as what I decided to work on uses mostly what’s pictured above. I spent a couple days thinking about the fabrics and options. I wanted to do a quilt or at least a throw using just fabrics that were Grandma’s.

After tossing around ideas, browsing Pinterest, etc, I finally decided to stick with something simple. So I started cutting:


Then I started sewing and a little more cutting:


First one block came together:


And then the second:


I don’t know if I’ll sew them together side by side or put a sash between each block of nine. I’ll decide that once I get more blocks finished.



10 thoughts on “Inherited Fabrics

  1. What beautiful fabrics !! You are so fortunate. When my grandmother passed, I inherited a large box of four patch squares. I had them made into a quilt which I treasure.

    If I may make a suggestion, I would put a sash in between each 9 patch block. That way the block itself will shine on its own.

    • Thank you! I’m looking at some of the green fabrics that were in the boxes to use as the sash between but I know that there’s not enough of one green to use, and not sure if there’s enough even if i mix and match all the greens. We will see I guess once I have a bunch of blocks made. πŸ™‚

  2. The fabrics are lovely and a quilt from them will become very special to you. I like the blocks you have so far and think they will look just fine without sashing but sashing will add drama. Was your grandmother the quiet subtle type or the dramatic type?
    Enjoy the journey of working on it.

    • Thank you! I’ve been enjoying going through all the fabric, although some have brought tears to my eyes because they make me think of her.

    • Thank you. I’m taking my time because i want to make sure it turns out perfect. Even if the seams arent quite lined up! Perfect to me would be, it turns out to be a great reminder and treasure to remember her by, and to pass down to someone in the future.

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