Saturday Sewing

I planned on sewing yesterday. Really I did! But, well, you see…I laid down on the bed around 7:30pm because I had a headache and woke up at 3:30am! Oops!

So instead the sewing marathon was today. Lots and lots of cutting:

Little piles of 7×3 1/2 inch strips. Then came sewing strips together then more cutting:


One by one, four new blocks were made:





I found a decent amount of green fabrics in the three boxes of inherited fabrics, so I should be able to piece together a patchwork green sash between each block.

To get an idea of if I’d like it or not, I took the biggest piece of green and placed all six currently made blocks onto it:


I may wander my way down into the Wife Cave again tomorrow to do some more sewing, but I do still have a crocheted blanket to work on as well and there is a deadline on that one.


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