Electrified Fabric

Some days, my car just cannot pass by the local fabric shop, Sew Crazy. Seriously! The car forces me to stop there! You’ve had it happen to you too, right? Fabric and/or yarn shops must have some sort of car trap set up. Or remote control on our cars.

Today, the Mazda pulled into Sew Crazy’s parking lot, threw open the door, and tossed me out onto the pavement. Three honks which told me that I “had” to buy something. So I nodded, dusted off my jeans, and went into one of the most fabulous places. The ladies who work there are great.

And the fabrics. Oh my.

Two new purchases today. First up, a pretty golden autumn leaf pattern. This one caught my eye when I first walked in and around the corner.


The picture really doesn’t do it any justice. But I have some fabrics in the stash that I think will work well with the golden colors.

The second piece of fabric, man once it caught my eye, it then caught my breath! Gorgeous doesn’t even describe it. The picture can’t even come close to showing how great it is.

I know, I know, where’s the picture already!


And a little closer up:


Drool worthy? I think so!


5 thoughts on “Electrified Fabric

  1. Well, it looks like I need to stop in and see what’s new since I was there last which was approximately 10 days ago. I know, it’s been FOREVER. I did manage to go to the Quilt Extravaganza up in Elkton last week but that doesn’t count, right??? That fabric is fantastic….

  2. Deb – I know exactly what you mean about that other store in the neighboring town. I wasn’t really welcome there either because I’m not anywhere near traditional when it comes to my “projects”. They looked at me like I had snakes in my hair and snails crawling out my nose. I rarely even think about that store when I need something. Too bad they can’t think outside the binding a bit more. But I do love Sew Crazy…they welcome people like us.

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