Building Blocks Blanket (WIP)

I’ve been hard at work on another baby blanket, this one using 8 fun and bright colors.

Spring Green, Pumpkin, Turqua, Amethyst, Blue, Hot Red, Bright Yellow, and Heartfelt. All by Red Heart.


The ‘dark blue’ in the photo is actually the Amethyst. My phone will not show purple for some reason.

I’ve been crocheting tiny granny squares, small granny squares, medium granny squares, and a few large granny squares.



I cannot show the layout fully yet as I want it to be a surprise for the momma-to-be.

But here is a sneak peek:


All tails from making the squares are weaved. Now I just need to arrange all the squares in a way that I like, then start joining the squares together. Right now it appears to be shaping up to be around 33″x33″. With the border it should hopefully end up 36″x36″ which is perfect for a new baby.

I have roughly three weeks to finish this. Plus about three other projects all due around the same time.

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