Crocheted Market Bag

Why did I do it.


I have projects that NEED to be done. Such as the Building Blocks blanket in my last post.

So of course….I started something new! A crocheted market bag by Whit’s Knits. If you have a Ravelry account, you can see it HERE. If not, follow THIS link instead.

The pattern calls for linen yarn (which I don’t have) and a D hook. Since I don’t have linen yarn, I decided to use cotton yarn instead, an old ball of Sugar’n Cream in the colorway of Americana Ombre, and an I hook. I don’t know if that’s the issue, but I’m ending up with a bigger and bigger circle rather than a bag.


I double checked. Then triple checked. I’m following the pattern correctly.

Anyone else try this pattern before? Does linen make the difference?

Edit to add: I frogged what I had made so far and started over, tweaking a few things on the original pattern.

End result:



3 thoughts on “Crocheted Market Bag

  1. I read some of the comments and someone else made it from sugar N cream and had the same size question. I’m thinking that the linen and D hook do make quite a difference. Maybe you could use less chain sts and make it slightly tighter but the same general idea or just continue with what you’re doing and make a big bag.

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