Practice Makes…A Little Better

A few days ago, I finally learned a little bit of knitting.

I shared this pic showing what I learned at my craft group. Deb H taught mom and myself. I messed up the ribbing that night, just wouldn’t click.


Tonight I sat down with that same beginner swatch and did some more knitting. And I figured out the ribbing!


After that piece, I decided to practice casting on again, my knitting and purling (dislike purling) and more ribbing. And I got “daring” with the ribbing.


A small bit of basket weave, just a little. Does it show in the picture?

I think I can now add knitting to my craft “resume”! Beginner of course, haha


eta: That’s my husband’s thumbs you see holding down that knitted piece.


4 thoughts on “Practice Makes…A Little Better

    • Crocheting is very easy. Knitting I think will get easier for me, but I prefer one hook over two “sticks” I think!

  1. I was wondering when you grew 2 extra hands. LOL. I’m still on the fence (well at least approaching the fence) on this knitting thing. I also perfer one hook over 2 sticks. .

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