Vacation – New Jersey/New York

(pictures will be at the end of the post).
On Thursday last week, my hubby and I headed out early to start our vacation. Hubby’s sister’s baby shower was on Sunday in New Jersey so we decided to combine our anniversary trip with the trip to New Jersey for the baby shower. Thursday was dedicated to driving to New Jersey. 13 hours later, after tons of construction and a map that was not quite correct for the area near the hotel, we finally arrived.

Friday, we spent the whole day walking around Manhattan island. Over 10 miles walked! We started at the Port Authority. Hit Broadway. Central Park. Saw The Met where we met up with A, hubby’s sister. Went back downtown. Met A’s fiancé.

By then we were exhausted so we went back to the hotel for dinner and sleep.

Saturday, we met up with A and her fiancé in New Jersey and took the subway to the World Trade Center. Its sad to think about what happened back on 9-11 and to see how even 12 years later, things are still in the process of being rebuilt. MF, A’s fiancé, was two blocks away when it happened. He shared with us some of what he experienced. (which I’m not going to share here because it’s his story to share).

We walked through Chinatown, Little Italy, and other downtown areas. Lunch at a bistro. Then back to the World Trade Center area.

Sunday was the baby shower where A got a ton of presents for the baby. 7-8 weeks and our new nephew will be here!

Now for what you are probably waiting for, pictures!

Our hotel room:



I knew I didn’t want to spend a crazy amount of money for a purse, but I still had to stop in and check things out:


Central Park:



Love the architecture on some of the buildings:





I saw this little place and had to take the picture to share with Mom:


The World Trade Center, monument, and sculpture:







5 thoughts on “Vacation – New Jersey/New York

  1. New York City is awesome. Jerry and I went there for New Years Eve 1999. We wanted to go in the World Trade Center, but we didn’t have time. Something I will always regret.

    • We did get to see the new World Trade Center. It’s still under construction so we only got to stand outside the barricades and look up up up at it.

  2. Great photos of your trip! It sounds like it was a lot of fun. I have heard that New York City and New Jersey are both great places for a vacation

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