Granny Still Growing

I haven’t crocheted much in the past week. We had another death in the family and I haven’t felt like crocheting that much since we got the news. My hubby’s cousin passed away last week at the age of 36 after a 3 1/2 year battle with cervical cancer.

Before we got the news, I had added a few more rounds to the giant granny blanket. Tonight I felt like doing some crochet so I added a couple more rounds.



Originally I was going to make this blanket for our house. Maybe to put on the bed in the guest room. But i decided that it will be added to the donation pile.

To my female readers: get checked. Make sure you have your yearly exams. Take care of yourselves.

3 thoughts on “Granny Still Growing

  1. I think this donation will be a wonderful tribute to Bonnie. It’s bright, happy, and beautiful just like her. Whoever receives it will be wrapped in comfort warmth. As I sat with Mom for so many many hours at chemo I found out 1st hand how appreciated these donations are to the people just trying to survive.

  2. I am sorry to hear of your loss. I find my crochet and sewing to provide me with a great source of relief and time to reflect when sad things like this happen. I hope that it provides you with that solace too. A donation is a beautiful way to make someone’s life better.

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