Instagram – photo differences

I decided to go ahead and try out Instagram. What Instagram is, for those that don’t know, appears to be a photo program for cell phones. You take a picture then you can crop, change lighting, etc.


First picture was taken with the normal phone camera:


In the next 2 photos I used Instagram and played with the effects:



So I was able to turn the photo black and white in one. And in another I was able to brighten up the colors a bit.

Would you like a close up of the little bit of embroidery I’ve done so far?

This tree uses one strand each of DMC 783 (gold), 433 (dk brown), and 301 (copper). Done in a stem stitch.


The water lily is made using 2 strands DMC 956 (pink) with lazy daisy stitches. The leaves are made with 2 strands of a green variegated which I’m not sure of the brand. The grass uses the same green. The small pink flowers are a French knot made with 1 strand of DMC 891. The rocks are…not to my liking but they are made with 2 strands of a dark grey DMC 3787.


The tree here is my first tree and it looks it. Haha. Stem stitch. One strand each of DMC 3829 (muted gold), 433, and 301.

I plan to add leaves to the big tree. Grass at the base of each tree. A few more trees and stumps. And I’d like to figure out how to make a tiny cardinal in the big tree. Maybe a fallen log or two. A winding path. Maybe a small rowboat in the right corner “pond”.

I’m not sure what else yet.


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