Fabric Laundry Bag

I’ve had an idea rolling around in my brain for awhile now. Honestly, it’s been rolling and flipping and flopping for about five months.

Back in the winter time I saw a fabric laundry hamper with three sections, one for darks, one for whites/lights, and one for reds (at least that’s how I would separate them). I almost picked it up. Then I thought, hey, I could make one. Duh!

But the dilemma has been, how to make it into three sections like the one at the store. I’m not that experienced with sewing (I’m better now than I was but still I feel like I’m a beginner).

And I decided, why not just make it three individual sections? Three completely separate fabric hampers. Ah ha! I can do that! (I think…).


So I picked out some fabric from my stash. This is from what I inherited from my Grandma. Press, measure, cut, sew up the two sides. Then try to remember how to square the bottom corners. (mom I remembered!)

While I was working on one piece, Penny decided to help me.



Look at my beginner corners:


Once I had the basic bag ready I turned my thoughts to handles. Originally I was going to do thinner ties but after a few practice attempts I said screw it and I made wide ties:


After the ties were attached, I hung the bag up and looked at it. Something glaring stood out. While I hadnt intended on adding a lining, it really needed one. So I added a lining. It wasn’t added “properly” in the process as it was an after-thought but I’m happy with how it turned out:



And here it is with some (clean) laundry in it to show you it’s purpose better:


The advantages with this bag over the store bought one? Besides the obvious (it’s handmade)…
1) when it’s full of dirty clothes I can just untie the ties and carry the bag downstairs.
2) I can toss it easily over my shoulder and not worry about not seeing where I’m going when going down the steps.
3) it’s washable! I can throw it right in with the load of dirty clothes and then use it to carry the clean clothes back up the stairs!


3 thoughts on “Fabric Laundry Bag

  1. Fantastic idea! We always sort into lights, darks, and reds/oranges, so reading about your sorting made me smile. When Skyler was younger he loved yellow so much that we also had a yellow load; however, he has moved on to blues and grays so we are back to 3 loads.

    • I cant see sorting in any other way. I mean, you dont want your red/orange clothes to ‘bleed’ onto your whites/lights. And same with dark clothes bleeding color onto whites/lights. And then if you use bleach, you dont want to bleach out your darks when you try to lighten your whites!

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