Another FrankenPatch Doll

The first one was fun. So of course I had to make another!

I started out making the “crazy square” part first:


Adding a little here, a little there:


I drew out a monster and placed it on the fabric to see if I needed to add more:


This time I used a trick that Mom told me. I placed the front and back pieces together (right sides together), pinned on the paper design, then sewed around all but the bottom two inches. Cut away the excess. Removed the paper. Then turned it inside out and started stuffing!

Once done, I had the new FrankenPatch ready for its picture (no eyes because I want this to be safe for my best friend’s baby girl):


Here it is next to the first one:


Before I forget, here is a picture of the back:


I do have a few other new things to share but I’ll save those for another post or two.

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