Stash Bag/Grocery Bag

I started this bag last weekend and finally finished it last night. It is based on a bag I saw on another blog (Crochetbug) and I thought “well I can make something like that”. I didn’t follow her links to find the pattern she used because it looked fairly easy to figure out something similar.

I built up the base using HDC rounds and increasing each round until I had 68 stitches to work with. After that my rounds were:
Round 1: chain 4, skip 3 st, sc in next. Repeat around until back at first st. Join with slst.
Round 2: slst into first ch 4 loop. Ch 1. 4 hdc in each ch 4 loop around. Join with slst.
Round 3: ch 1, hdc in same st. Hdc in each st around. Join with slst to first hdc. (should still have 68 st).

Repeat rounds 1-3 until bag is as tall as you want. End on a round 3. Then add additional round 3’s until the top is as wide as you want.

I made sure to still have 68 st around when I was done. For the handle, I did hdc in first 4 st of last round. Ch 1, turn, hdc across 4 st. Rinse and repeat until I had the length i wanted. I then counted out 30 st along the last full round to figure out where to attach my handle on the other side.

Picture time:
The first picture is of the bag laying flat. This is made with Sugar,n Cream cotton yarn in the colorway Wooded Moss.


The second picture, I hung the bag from my OTT light and snapped the shot. The bag looks a lot darker on the outside but with the light shining from within, it really highlights the pattern in my opinion:


This bag doesn’t have as much stretch in it as the other two grocery bags that I made. Which could be good or bad.


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