Learning Appliqué

After having yet another idea stewing in my brain for a couple months, I finally decided a) I needed to start it, b) the design had to change a bit, and c) I need to learn appliqué if I want to have this turn out as pictured in my head.

But since I do want this to kind of be a surprise for someone, I can’t share the whole idea with you. Yet.

I can, however, show you a couple bits and pieces of my work without giving the whole thing away.

Right now the pieces are ironed on with fusible but I have not started the hand sewing yet.


Above is a pond, or lake, with some boulders.


This one (above), once I add the detail work, will be modeled after the house I grew up in.

The wallhanging will consist of three panels. The pictures above are two pieces from the first two panels.

Have I stirred your imagination yet?


ETA: Sorry about the sideways picture, not sure why my phone did that, but it wont let me fix it either.

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